Press releases launches its Digital Commerce Factory:

Helping brands develop their websites from creation to product delivery
Paris, 21/03/2011, the leading private sales site, continues to expand its brand offering by launching its, Digital Commerce Factory.
This new service helps brands from various sectors (including prêt-à-porter, fashion accessories, homeware and toys) develop their e-commerce requirements:
• Creating the e-commerce platform (website and m-commerce)
• Managing the site (launch, hosting and logistics)
• Creating catalogues (photo shoots and video production) draws on its specialised knowledge in e-commerce by sharing its expertise savoir-faire in 5 key areas: audiovisual production (Digital Factory by, logistics, technology, marketing and customer service.

The Digital Commerce Factory: a unique partner for brands
After launching ‘vente-privee-rosedeal’ in France in October 2010,  a programme offering vouchers to members for reduced prices in brands’ retail networks, is further extending its range of services. Through a diverse catalogue, the Digital Commerce Factory offers a tailor-made, effective, high quality and complete approach

The guiding principles are:

• Comprehensiveness: responding to all brands’ requirements
• Totality: offering a multi-faceted, multi-profession approach
• Empowerment: giving partners responsibility for some of the services (depending on internal skills and strategy)
• Creativity: enhancing brands using high-quality digital images
• Rapidity: shortening processes with a 360º service
• High quality: helping brands increase their e-commerce expertise

Three brands have already placed their trust in the Digital Commerce Factory and ten other projects are currently under development. 

Supported by 5 key pillars
The Digital Commerce Factory draws on’s five main areas of expertise:

 The Digital Factory by No.1 image production centre in Europe (3, 800m²) and client of a top modelling agency 
Designing beautiful virtual shop windows for brands, 260 team members produce creative digital events (the modular space can be divided into up to 60 studios and take 15,000 photos a day). 60 soundtracks are composed each month in the 5 sound studios. 

 Logistics: a flexible and efficient organisation

The six logistics platforms in France and three sub-contracted centres in Spain, Germany and Italy prepare and dispatch 75,000 parcels each day. 390 team members are housed in 160,000m² of warehouse space (25 football pitches!).

• Member Relations Service (MRS): more than 110 in-house employees respond to member requests in five different languages makes a point of not outsourcing its contact centres in order to guarantee members a friendly, accessible and reactive service. The in-house MRS is a unique selling point ensuring the high-quality customer service which is central to the company’s performance and development (named ‘French Customer Service of the Year’ in the ‘event selling’ and ‘distance selling’ categories for the second year running by BVA*).The MRS handles over 100,000 emails and calls each month.

*BVA-Viséo Conseil study for ‘French Customer Service of the Year 2011’ conducted between May and July 2010 using a mystery shopper methodology. An average of 160 contacts via telephone, internet and post.

• Marketing: state-of-the-art techniques to stay close to members and brands

The department is driven by three key aims: serving brands, remaining close to members and offering a high-quality customer experience. Teams guide brands in their strategy by giving sales feedback in terms of performance and member profile.

• Technology: effective tools

The 1.3 billion monthly page views, 1.8 million daily unique visitors** and 10 to 20 million emails sent each day require extremely effective IT structures. To rise to this daily challenge, boasts 5 data centres, 600 internal servers, 100 developers and 50 IT team members.
** Source: Médiamétrie // Net Ratings, France Panel - Mass Merchandiser sector - All connections, November 2010 a high-quality virtual shop window for brands
Over the last 10 years, more and more of’s local and international brand partners (1,200 in 2010) have been asking for the site’s guidance and expertisein enhancing and selling their surplus stock.

Helping improve brand awareness and image, the site has become an alternative distribution channel. According to a TNS Sofres study conducted in 2010, nearly 4 out of 10 members made a purchase in a brand’s own retail network after being inspired by

Prizes and trophies galore
• ‘Innovation award 2010’ at the third Customer Relationship Award ceremony organised by L’AFRC (French Customer Service Association).
• The best ‘Pure Player’ award for the ‘ACSEL du numérique’ awards organised by the French Association of Digital Business, (2010)
• Second prize, E-Commerce Trophy (E-Commerce Magazine), ‘Design/Ergonomics’ category, (2009)

Pioneer and market leader
• Gross turnover of £823.6 million  in 2010, 100% e-commerce
• 3,500 sales produced in 2010 and 1,200 partner brands
• 41 million products sold in Europe in 2010
• 75,000 parcels sent each day
• 1.8 million daily unique visitors
• Average of more than 50 minutes spent per visitor per month , No.1 non-specialist French e-retailer

World No.1, has pioneered the online sales event concept. Specialising in selling brand overstock since 2001, the online retailer organises exclusive event-based sales for its 12.6 million members. Featuring more than 1,200 major international brands, the website offers a wide range of product categories: from fashion to homeware, sports products to electronics. The members-only sales last from two to four days and, thanks to privileged partnerships with brands, offer irresistible discounts of up to 70%. With 1,322 employees in 7 countries, has generated  a gross turnover of £823.6 million in 2010, a 15% year-on-year increase.